"My life may not be something special but it's never been lived before"
France, Craziness; and Boys
2007-02-26 @ 2:36 p.m.

So I am in France right now. My life here is totally crazy, I can barely believe that it's actually me living it. For starters, I am currently seeing three different guys. Yes. Three. Guys. wtf?
The first is Remi who I met at a bar on tuesday and slept with on friday and stopped seeing saturday and am now talking to again. Second is Dams, another guy who I met at a bar on a Thursday, made out with, saw again the next week, refused an invitation to go home with because one of my friends was upset 'cause she got into a fight with her boyfriend but who has been calling and texting me and who I plan to go out with again. Those guys are both French. The third is Moroccan and has a better story so I'll tell that.
So this guy (Jamal) lives upstairs from some of my friends. We hang out with him all the time and he's really nice. So one of my friends was seeing one of his friends (A) and she planned to go out with him saturday. A, however wanted to bring a friend and asked my friend to do the same so I went to be set up with this other guy. It turned out, however, that this friend was a nice but boring 27 year old guy who didn't dpeak French very well and wanted a wife. Seriously. He told me I was beautiful and charming and nice and he wanted a wife like me. Um...creepy much? But anyway, we went out to this dance club and he wouldn't drink or dance or anything. But I was drunk so I made out with him anyway and he invited me back to his place but I said I wasn't sure.
So then a bunch of other people come in including Jamal. Since the guy I was with wouldn't dance the other guys kept asking me to and of course I went. Somehow; through this drunken haze, I started making out with Jamal which was cool with me since he's nice and I liked him even when I wasn't drunk.
So the bar closes and I go off with Jamal looking for an atm and I thought he had told the friend I was with where we were going but he apparently hadn't so she was freaking out looking for me and asking people where I was and some guy who didn't like the guy she was with (A) made some comment about how I had gone off to fuck Jamal. So my friend told A and A ended up getting into a fistfight with this guy...oops. So it seems like A is being all nice and defending me but it turns out he was made at me for ditching his friend (the 27 year old creepy dude) but whatever.
I have to go to class now but I haven't updated in years so I felt it was necessary ro share that story with all of you. Bye now and more later!